Find the beat

The Hub’s music program is suitable for experienced musicians, beginners or those wanting to have fun. Young people can use the Music Room for free anytime during drop-in hours or can book for a specific time.


3-5pm every Thursday with Ben Hunter

Find your voice and discover your creative potential. Ben is a talented, multi instrumentalist and producer.

Playing the room


Practice singing or playing with Hub instruments or bring along your own. Need a band rehearsal? Preparing for a performance, music exam or eisteddfod? Room bookings are free for young people.

Write tunes

Write songs, put together new tracks & compose music. Record & play around with software like Garage Band. Book the room for longer sessions.


Book the room for formal lessons with your music teacher. Looking for a local teacher? The Hub team can help connect you with one. If your lessons are online, you can also use the Hub’s free WiFi for Skype sessions.


Just want to play around? Get some friends together & explore the instruments or get some help from a Hub worker. Set up karaoke, have a go at DJing or grab some musos & have a jam.

Get the rhythm going

Want to get started in the Hub Music Room? Come talk to a Hub team member, we can
  • Show you different instruments & gear

  • Set you up for a jam or band practice

  • Get a some karaoke happening

  • Show you around the music software

  • Set up a recording session

  • Get a DJ session happening

Instruments & gear

The Music Room has a whole range of instruments, production & recording gear available for any young person to use.

They can also be borrowed for performances outside the Hub on special request. If you’re not sure how things work, just ask!

  • Drum-kit
  • Acoustic guitars
  • Electric guitars & amps
  • Digital keyboard work station
  • Digital turn tables
  • PA with sound desk
  • Laptop with music editing software

Record Music

You can play around with recording and editing tracks on the studio laptop. If you’re a beginner, we can get you started and give advice

If you and some friends need help for a bigger project, talk to us about setting up some mentoring. We can try and find someone to help you with a recording session.

If you can get together a group of at least nine young people wanting to learn, we can also try and find a musician in the community to run a recording workshop or program. Learn more

For more complex recording and digital production, the Hub has a range of gear including an iMac, Rode condenser microphones, AD interfaces and software including ProTools and Ableton.

The Music Room can be set up to record demos – you’ll need to book the room and organise someone with professional sound engineering experience to help you record.

Workshops & programs

Support the program

The Hub Music Room has been equipped and maintained by generous community donations of money, instruments and gear, as well as in-kind support.

In 2014 a grant from local organisation ETC allowed the Hub to soundproof the room and buy recording and sound equipment. In 2018 the local branch of the Commonwealth Bank generously gave funds for instruments and a music mentoring program.

“Most of the youth from our community are very much connected to music and the music scene. By providing a facility within the Bellingen Youth Hub that supports their passion, it brings these young people from all walks of life, regardless of their school or background into a safe and social environment that perhaps they would not otherwise visit.”

Dean Besley, Hub Co-ordinator

Want to support the Hub Music Program?

Talk to our team about making a financial contribution to support upcoming music workshops and programs.

You can help by donating funds to buy equipment and instruments and pay for programs or workshops. You can also volunteer your time to mentor young musicians.

Learn more