Multi-functional computer room

The Training Room is a multi-functional space with ten computer stations, each equipped with a PC installed with Windows 10 and MS Office.
The room is ideal for both face-to-face and online computer trainings and workshops.

Room features

  • The wide computer benches have ample space, each with a desk chair

  • For computer or online trainings and workshops, software can be temporarily installed on request
  • Each computer is internet connected via ethernet cable, and free Wi-Fi is available for additional devices
  • The Training Room entry is separate to the main Hub space, offering a quieter and more private space
Additional options
  • Whiteboard in the room, with projector and projector screen available on request.
  • An Apple Mac laptop available on request at time of hire.
  • Tables and chairs additional to the computer desks and chairs, with a room capacity of up to twenty people.

Ongoing hire

Want to hire the Hub on a regular basis – for a week, a term or an annual block? Talk to the Hub team about ongoing room hire, as well as support to promote your class or group.


Youth use

The Training Room is available for free for Bellingen Shire youth during drop-in hours. It can be reserved for use such as study, tutoring, distance education classes etc. However bookings are essential.

The Hub offers a range of room hire options. Find out more here