Community contributions

The Hub is a space for community, created by community.  Owned & run by Council, we also partially rely on financial, in-kind & volunteer resources shared by our community, to help sustain our programs,  activities & services.

Council owned & run

The Bellingen Youth Hub is proudly owned and run by the Bellingen Shire Council.

Through the Hub, Council supports better outcomes for young people and makes Bellingen a vibrant place of opportunity where all young people are supported to learn, be safe, belong, work and contribute.


Community led

The Hub is overseen by a Section 355 committee.

This volunteer group of community members is delegated by Council to care for and take responsibility for the management and maintenance of the Hub, in collaboration with the Hub Co-ordinator.

Under their management, the Hub seeks to operate as a sustainable community space through regular hire of its facilities, as well as remaining true to its mission of supporting the young people of the Bellingen Shire.

Key partners & supporters

Much of the Hub’s activities and programs are resourced and run via partnerships and donations from community supporters.
Bellingen Shire Youth Services

The BSYS youth workers work side by side with the Hub team to support the young people of the Bellingen Shire. Their team work out of the Hub most weekdays, and are essential to making it a fun, safe and supportive space for all young people. BSYS is a project of the Bellingen Neighbourhood Centre.

Bellingen Mentor Group

Focused on connecting community mentors with young people, BMG supports many of the Hub’s core programs, including the Bouldering Wall and Journey to Manhood camp.

Bellingen Neighbourhood Centre

The Neighbourhood Centre provides funding to help support the employment of Hub youth workers and contributes funding to programs at the Hub, such as the Youth Clinic.

Bellingen High School

The High School works closely with the Hub, particularly in support of young people in crisis or struggling. It is a partner in many programs run out of the Hub, including the Paint our Poles project and the Warrior Circles and BSYS Kitchen Connections programs.

Men of Bellingen

A group that supports the healthy growth of emotionally resilient young men, MoB connects the Hub to community elders and mentors for Hub programs and activities, including the Journey to Manhood. MoB supports many of the Hub initiatives.

Camp Creative

As well as hiring the Hub in January every year, Camp Creative has funded a variety of Hub programs, and generously shares the use of its arts equipment and materials throughout the year.

Other key partners & supporters

Over the Hub’s years of operation, a number of groups have had ongoing partnerships with the Hub, running programs and providing mentors for various Hub projects.