Get on the road

If you’re under 25, get free driving supervision in a community car to get your hours up and make yourself a safe and skilled driver.

Help with driving

To get your P1 licence, you have to safely drive in a car with a supervisor for 120 hours. You’ll also need to pass a driving test with an examiner.

Getting driving lessons and your hours up isn’t always easy. You might not have access to a car to practice or have anyone with the time or experience to drive with you.

Our volunteer supervisors know what is required to make you a safe driver. In either a manual or automatic car, they will help you understand road risks and how to handle tricky everyday situations.

  • Get started on the basics of driving a car
  • Become familiar with the road rules
  • Prepare for the Hazard Perception Test
  • Prepare for the practical driving test to get your P1 licence

How to register

It’s a free program – you just need to sign up and book in a time when a car and volunteer is available.

You can book time in the white manual car, or the blue automatic car.

Call 02 6655 0381 or email to book in or get more information. You can also just have a chat when you’re next at the Hub.

What you’ll need to start

You’ll need to have your L-plates, by passing the Driver Knowledge test at an RMS office.

If you haven’t got your L-plates yet and need to prepare for a test, come into the Hub. You can use the free WiFi or computers to book a date for your test and do practice tests online.

Driver courses & workshops

Safer Drivers Course

The Hub regularly hosts the Safer Drivers Course.

It’s a two day program that includes three hours in class and two hours on the road each day. The course will contribute twenty hours to your driving logbook. To register, you must be aged between 16-25 and have a minimum of fifty  logbook hours.  It does have cost, usually around $140.

Learner Driver Workshops

The Hub is often used for workshops for parents and supervisors of learner drivers. They include information about licence conditions for learner and provisional drivers, young driver safety issues and low risk driving.

Keep an eye on the Hub Events and Facebook pages for info on upcoming courses and workshops.

Become a volunteer

The most dangerous time in a young person’s life is their first year of solo driving.

Locally, our drivers are four times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident after making their transition to their P1 license.

If you’re a community member with an open license, you can support young drivers by becoming a volunteer driving supervisor.

The Hub team can prepare you to teach and supervise a young driver. We will also connect you with fellow volunteers for tips on how to support young drivers on the road.

Call 02 6655 0381 or email for more information on how to sign up as a volunteer

Support the program

The Two Way Street program began with a request from a young person for help to get his driving hours up.

From there the program grew, with the initial donation of a car and some community volunteers coming on board. Now with two cars and team of volunteers, the Hub has seen over thirty young people gain their licence.

“With our program, the learners do regular hours with one of our volunteers which supplement their parent’s supervision and any other professional driving lessons they have. Apart from support on the mandatory hours, the bonus is that they get to hang with some of our great community mentors”

Dean Besley, Hub Co-ordinator

Want to support the Learner Driver Program?

The program runs on volunteer community support and has a number of costs to run the program.

You can help by donating funds to pay costs such as registration, insurance, fuel and maintenance on the two program cars.

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