Get it happening at the Hub

The Hub is flexible and open to working with groups and facilitators to make their programs and events a success.
If you are planning an activity, group or event, contact us and have a chat – we are willing to provide an extra level of advice or support.
The Hub is not just a place to run your program – it can be its home.

Run it from the Hub

The Hub is a space suitable for all kinds of programs, events & activities for businesses, organisations and groups. It’s used for
  • Workshops
  • Performances & live events
  • Classes & groups
  • Forums
  • Meetings
  • Trainings

The Hub can’t necessarily run activities on your behalf, but can definitely provide the support and advice to get you going.

We can help

Depending on your event, we would do our best to assist with
  • Booking the right space for your activity or event

  • Tapping you into our professional & community networks

  • Finding the best local suppliers for equipment, materials & services

  • Identifying local community partners and supporters

  • Online promotions via the Hub Events page and Facebook page

  • Advertising with posters and flyers

  • Advice on attracting participants and audiences

  • Tips on making your activity or event a success

If you are planning to run a youth focused group, event or activity, we can also help you plan and promote with Bellingen youth in mind.


Nine mates is all it takes

Are you a young person aged 12 to 25 years? Do you have an idea for an activity or event at the Hub?

We’re always open to supporting young people make activities and events happen.

We’ve got a saying

Nine mates is all it takes

If you can get together nine other young people who are also keen to make your idea happen, we can get on board to make it a reality.

How we can help

If you’re a young person with an idea, we can help in different ways

We run it for you

We know lots of people and groups in the community to run all kinds of activities. We can either run your activity through the Hub or find someone in the community to run it here for you.

You run it with us

If you’re ready to take on the challenge of making your idea happen yourself, or with friends, we can help you

  • Plan out your idea to see how it will work

  • Fundraise money

  • Organise the space to run your activity at the Hub

  • Find people in the community who can run the activity like workshop facilitators, teachers, and trainers

  • Get the right gear, equipment and materials

  • Make a poster and flyers

  • Promote it online via the Hub website and Facebook

  • Get workers or volunteers to help you run it on the day

The Hub has worked with young people to run movie nights, art and music workshops, cooking lessons, community meals, band night and heaps more.

The biggest project created at the Hub is the amazing Bouldering Wall. Three young men came to Dean with an idea and the whole Bellingen community came together to raise the money, start building and make the wall a reality.