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Zohab Khan is an educator, spoken word poet, stand-up comedian, television host, motivational speaker, didgeridoo player, musician and hip-hop artist. Since 2006, Zohab has been building a formidable career in spoken word poetry, culminating in taking out the title of the Australian Poetry Slam Champion in 2014. That same year he was also runner up in the International Poetry Slam in Madrid.

Zohab has performed and conducted poetry workshops in over 20 countries across the world and is the co-founder of The Pakistan Poetry Slam. His first collection of poetry “I Write” reached best seller status within 5 months of it’s launch.

He has made appearances at the Sydney, Auckland (New Zealand), Byron Bay, Bellingen, Ubud (Indonesia), Bookworm Literary (China), Sunshine Coast, Darwin and National Young Writers Festivals. As well as performing at various music festivals including the world renowned Glastonbury Festival in 2016.

Zohab is the host of the United Kingdom based television show Wax Lyric and has performed for various heads of state. As an educator, Zohab’s poetry and self development workshops are in high demand and he has conducted over a thousand workshops in institutions worldwide. His workshops aim to inspire change and confidence in young people through spoken word poetry and brain hacksTM. With the incorporation of self-development techniques, spoken-word poetry becomes not just a platform for self-expression but also one to inspire change and increase productivity. Zohab also conducts a welfare program in schools designed to deconstruct and analyse the harmful effects of hegemonic masculinity in society.

As an 4th generation Australian of Pakistani heritage and having been raised in rural NSW, Zohab has channelled his distinct life experiences into stories with the intent to educate. Zohab confronts a range of social justice issues from racism to gender inequality and socio-economic disparities. Zohab’s high energy and powerful words have left countless inspired. 

Zohab Khan launches straight into this fast paced two-hour workshop with performance activities followed by writing exercises designed to attain poetic techniques. Self-expression is the aim, with students producing a piece of work for performance by the end of the boot camp.