Two Way Street

The Two Way Street project is a community initiative for the improved and increased exposure of youth to a variety of supervision and expertise in learning how to drive.
From fresh L Plate to experienced P Plate, there is evidence that there is a need for young people to get more than just the supervision of one person from their family, and especially an increase in professional driving instructor exposure could potentially make our roads safer for our youth.

The most dangerous time in a young person’s life is their first year of solo driving. Locally, our drivers are 4 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident, and for our part in the program, the Hub wants to help change these grim statistics.

The Hub is one host for youth to use the Driving Simulator and sign up to the program, which connects them to driving supervisors with room for preferences and a diversity of times and days of the week. The high tech simulator provides useful experience to youths in total safety, giving a great opportunity to learner drivers.

Learner drivers please call: 02 6655 0381 or email to make a booking for a routine that suits you. The project is also always looking for more supervisor volunteers, please contact the same if interested.

Also for a printable copy of our Expression of Interest form  (to sign up) , please click here.

A working calendar of bookings for Two Way Street driving appointments is below. However, please note that not all bookings will necessarily be displayed.

Bookings in Yellow are for our White Manual car and those in Blue for the Blue Automatic car.