Journey 2 Manhood Camps

Expressions of interest for the 2018 Journey 2 Manhood camp is now open! Dates for the camp have not been set yet however it is likely to be in September or October. 

Enrolments will be limited so priority is give to first in. 

If you are interested in this camp, click here and register your interest.


What is the Journey to Manhood Camp?

The Journey to Manhood is a camp for young men of High School age that provides a fun and nurturing environment to support boys transitioning to Manhood.

The camp, run by the local community, is attended by fathers, uncles and other men and through various activities on camp provides opportunities for the lads to hang with, share with, listen to, have fun with, be encouraged by and even challenged or honoured by a community of men.

Who puts on the camp?

This is truly a community driven initiative. Men and women from the wider Bellingen community who just love these programs step in to help with the camp with everything from logistics to planning and facilitation. Some of them are fathers, mothers or youth participants from previous camps. The key facilitators who ‘hold’ the foundation of the program all have significant experience with youth rite of passage and youth development programs. From an organisational level, the camps are supported by various groups including the Bellingen Mentor Group, Bellingen Women’s Circles, Bellingen Youth HUB, Men of Bellingen, Y2A and Reconnect.

Who’s the camp for?

Well firstly this is a fundamentally a camp for lads, so boys of High School age are invited. However, the foundation of the camp is ‘supporting the lads transition into manhood’, so men from the community are also invited. Fathers are especially encouraged as the camps can provide brilliant opportunities for new levels of relationships and dialogue between families.

Although the women in the community do not attend the camp, they are very much involved in its vision, planning and support.   So any mothers, sisters and  women from the community are encouraged to be involved, whether before, during or after the camp. In past programs, women have often decided to catch up in circle or have gatherings to support each other during the program.

How much does it cost?

The camps run as volunteer and not-for-profit, and therefore the fees for attendees are low and worked out to only cover costs.

For participants (lads or fathers/guardians) the fee is around $250 to $300 each. Local community men who attend to support will also pay a nominal fee to cover food and site costs. These fees cover food, a cook, materials, site fees and incidentals. We also usually have a little left over to put into the bucket to support participants who may require scholarships or subsidies. Facilitators and supporters do not get paid.

How do I enroll or find out more details?

If you want to discuss any aspect of the camp further, please call Dean at the HUB 0n 02 6655 0381.

If you would like to enrol for the camp then fill in your details by clicking on this Wufoo Form Link and following the prompts.