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At Camp Creative, spend a week doing a creative course of any interest – singing, music, painting, drawing, drama, craft, dance and so much more!

Sketching Everywhere
Capture the moments of your day whilst enjoying the process. You will carry your sketch kit everywhere you go and you will know how to capture the essence of what is before you.
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Drama for Teenagers

In “Drama For Teengers”, participants will use music, dance, spoken word, action and stillness to create a contemporary piece of theatre.

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Hip Hop Dance Fusion
Hip Hop is an all-inclusive dance style, with ever evolving music and moves current with today’s popular culture. The Hip Hop dance genre encompasses anyone interested in rhythm, swagger and self-expression.
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Writing Your Life Story

We all have a strong need for self-understanding and self-expression. By delving into the deeper layers of our life’s journey we are able to do both.

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Landscape Photography

Are you looking to take your landscape photography to the next level? Are you comfortable with using Adobe Photoshop? Then join world adventurer Timothy Poulton on a five day landscape photography workshop tailored just for Camp Creative!

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