Editing a Photo in Photoshop

Step One

Open Photoshop & open the photo

Step Two

Crop photo to size

If don’t need to crop (ie poster sizes), then go to resize steps

Step Three

Set the aspect ratio (best width & height)

Landscape photo: 1600 px x 1200 px

Portrait photo: 1200 px x 1600 px

Step Four

Adjust crop size and position until happy with it. Hit enter to crop it. You can always undo with Control+Z

Step Five

View final crop size

Step Six

Resizing for web – Go to File / Export

Step Seven

Go to File / Export / Save for Web

Step Eight

Check file size – should be around 100kb. If not, resize so that width and height match

Landscape: 1600px x 1200 px

Portrait : 1200px x 1600px

Posters etc: 1200 px width. Height will adjust automatically

Step Nine

Check file size. Not 100kb yet?

Go up to Quality.

Try Low, or Medium. Or to adjust even more, use numbers to right of drop down menu. A Medium setting of 30 could be adjusted to 25.

Keep looking at file size to see how it is going.

Step Ten

File size is right? Save photo. Upload to site.