PCYC Safer Drivers Course

From the PCYC Safer Drivers Course site: 

As a young driver, receiving your P1 provisional licence is a big step in your development towards adulthood. You’ll enjoy greater freedom, with the responsibility of being legally allowed to drive alone. However, with this new responsibility come risks, and unfortunately young drivers (17 to 25) are statistically more likely to be in a fatal accident after making the transition to their P1 licence.

The Safer Drivers Course aims to prepare you for this risky time in your life and introduces you to lifelong low-risk driving behaviours. It highlights the very real road risks and lifestyle dangers you face and provides guidance and strategies on how to handle these tricky everyday situations.

Learner drivers who complete the course will receive 20 hours of logbook credit. 

In order to engage in this course, you need to;

  • hold a valid NSW learner driver's licence,
  • be under the age of 25, and
  • have completed 50 logbook hours (of actual on-road experience, not credits gained under the 3 for 1 professional instruction scheme).

For more information, please see: www.saferdrivers.org.au or call 6651 9961 for the Coffs Harbour part of this course.

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